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Cyprus Information and Facts

Useful Information:

Electric Current: 220-240 Volt

Credit Cards: All Major Cards are widely accepted

Exchange Rates: CYP1=1.73 EUR ( euro )

Flight times to Cyprus from:

London 4h 30 min

Frankfurt 3h 30 min

Moscow 3h 20 min

Athens 1h 20 min

Brussels 4 h 00 min

Amsterdam 4h 00 min

Vienna 3h 00 min

Bahrain 3h 00 min

Cairo 1h 15 min

Zurich 3h 30 min

Distance from Limassol to:

Nicosia 82Km

Pafos 68Km

Larnaca 66Km

Souni 15Km

Useful telephones


Telephone Services:



Tourist Information:

Paphos: 26932841

Limassol: 25362756

Larnaca: 24654322

Famagusta: 23721100


Postal Service:

Paphos: 26940223

Limassol: 25802259

Larnaca: 24630181

Famagusta: 23821444


Water Service:

Paphos: 26932374

Limassol: 25830000

Larnaca: 24822400

Famagusta: 23821323


Electricity Authority:

Paphos: 26932395

Limassol: 25849000

Larnaca: 24653201

Famagusta: 23821277


International Airport:

Paphos: 26422833

Larnaca: 24635405


General Hospital:

Paphos: 26940111

Limassol: 25801100

Larnaca: 24630312

Famagusta: 23821211


Police Headquarters:

Paphos: 26806060

Limassol: 25805050

Larnaca: 24804040

Famagusta: 23803024


Useful telephones





Africanos Real Estate





Telephone Services





Tourist Information





Postal Service





Water Service





Electricity Authority





International Airport





General Hospital





Police Headquarters





Travelling Documents:

Entry formalities are very simple. All citizens of EU member countries may enter Cyprus on presentation of their identification card only. No vaccination is required when entering the island.

The people in Cyprus

The Cypriots are people, which have evolved from the contact and exposure of many different trading nations throughout the island's long history. The people are open friendly and plain speaking, as well as being astute businessmen and entrepreneurs. They are well known for their hospitality and always make "foreign visitors" feel welcome and at home on the island. Β 


Living in Cyprus


Cyprus is known to many, as the island of love, with tradition, charm and romance. It is the eastern end of the Mediterranean, at the cross roads of three continents Europe , Africa and Asia . It is its strategic geographic position which has undoubtedly shaped its history, and civilization throughout the ages, and has always attracted others to take political and military control of the island. Presently, it is the island its excellent infrastructure, high quality of life, low cost of living and generous tax incentives which attract many new people to settle on the island. The island its charm and beauty has been eulogized throughout the centuries, through mythology and legend. The prehistory and history of Cyprus is clearly visible everywhere, at its archaeological sites and museums. Alternatively, if it is the landscape that attracts, the choices are varied: mountains, villages, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, green valleys and idyllic landscapes. All are bathed in sunshine for a good 340 days a year.


Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and sadly is the only divided city left in the world. The old part of the city stands within star-shaped stone city walls with eleven bastions that were built by the Venetians and is a maze of narrow streets, medieval and colonial buildings (many of them currently being renovated) and the pretty pedestrian precinct area known as Laiki Yitonia (the “People’s Neighborhood”). Outside the city walls, modern Nicosia is very European, with designer shops, chic restaurants and the head offices o a wealth of international companies and news agencies in its commercial district. Many of the foreigners who live in Nicosia are working. All talk about the high summer temperatures and colder winter ones, but also about the good social life, swimming, horse riding, golf and the many cultural events that take place. Whilst many live within the modern city in smart and spacious rented apartments, a growing number are renting or buying houses in the surrounding villages including Dhali and Tseri. For those with children of school-age there are several international schools where lessons are in English.


Pafos is world famous: its locals are warm, friendly and hospitable and the town is well known as the treasure trove of archaeological sites and antiques. It is for this very reason that UNESCO has included Pafos on its World Cultural Heritage list. It is in Pafos, that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born forth from the waves. It was in the nearby groves and grottos that she was worshipped and honored by the ancient people of the island. Pafos is located on the south west coast of the island and is sheltered from the north by the Troodos Mountains. It has a temperate climate, and as such, is one of the healthiest climates in the whole Mediterranean. Today, Pafos is a thriving coastal town, which has greatly benefited from the heavy investments of the local authorities in irrigation dams and water distribution works; building of new highways and the construction and improvement o Pafos International Airport. Furthermore private initiatives, entrepreneurs and companies have concentrated o hotel, apartment and villa developments, as well as recreational establishments and hotspots. Pafos is the ideal place for holidays, permanent living and retirement.


Limassol has been described as a city for all seasons and all reasons as it boasts many sandy beaches, five star hotels, shops and restaurants. The island its main sea port is located here and with the hundreds of offshore companies based throughout the city, it has a bustling and cosmopolitan atmosphere. In all, it offers the astute buyer, an opportunity to acquire property in an exciting and ever developing city.


The village of Souni is located 15km from Limassol on the road to the Troodos Mountains . With an elevation of a thousand feet, it is an idyllic and rustic retreat amongst the ancient pine forests of the Troodos foothills. It is here that the pine trees are over a thousand years old, nearly as old as the mountains themselves! The area is one of the most prestigious and exclusive areas of Limassol: there are million pound homes, exclusive ranches, luxurious villas and other projects. The wide variety and selection of properties offers the astute buyer an attractive range from which to choose from. Souni itself is a traditional Greek village, with its narrow winding streets, local coffee shops and church. Over the past twenty years the locals have welcomed British homeowners into the community, who now live harmoniously together side by side. The surrounding hills of Souni offer fantastic coastal and city views, which is another attractive reason to purchase there.


Larnaca is the least developed of the four main towns and is situated in the southeast of the country. The town itself is still small, with just three main shopping streets and a bustling fruit market on a Saturday morning.Like the other towns, it has a rich history for those who are interested, and has always had a close link with the sea with many of the men earning their living from the sea and a sizeable marina to its eastern end. Its Finikoudes promenade that fringes the beach is Parisian in character and is a real focal point for families and friends who enjoy a stroll together. A wealth of new properties has been built in Larnaca area and there will be many more as the government has now given permission for the development of two golf courses in the Larnaca area. In the meantime, those who live in the Larnaca area enjoy the fact that it has not developed as quickly as other towns and believe this can be credited much to the fact that much of the interest is defected by Ayia Napa and Protaras further to the east.

Cyprus enjoys a very low crime rate compared to other European countries, such as Spain , Portugal , Italy and France . The Cypriot crime rate is on average, one tenth the rate of other European countries, i.e. 6% of that of the United Kingdom . In residential areas, it is common for people not to lock their car doors; many leave their houses, windows and doors open. This is all due to the friendliness and honesty of the local population, and an attractive reason why visitors return annually.

International Relations

Cyprus is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the British Commonwealth and also a member of the Non-Aligned Movement. Cyprus is a full member of the EU. Cyprus has been linked to the European Union since 1972 by an association agreement, and as its main trading partner, accounting for approximately 50% of the total trade, the United Kingdom being Cyprus’s main export destination.

Climate and Temperature

Cyprus enjoys the best Mediterranean climate with approximately 340 days of sunshine a year. Pafos has the finest climate on the island with cooler summers and short mild winters. The swimming season practically starts from April and does not end until November. Pine forests are close to the coast, and it is possible to ski in the mountains and swim in the blue Mediterranean all in the same day.

Average Temperature C

























Legal System

The legal system in Cyprus is mainly based on the Anglo-Saxon legal system. The Land Registry Department in Cyprus is one of the most advanced and reliable systems in the world. All contracts and other clerical work is in English, which is the most widely spoken language, besides Greek, among Cypriots. Purchasers of property in Cyprus will therefore be far more secure with regard to their Title Deeds, than they might be in another country. Furthermore legal fees and costs are reasonable and much lower than in other European countries.

Standard of Living

Cyprus provides a fairly high, European level standard of living. The annual per capita income is about US 14,000. The overall cost of living averages at about 1/3 to 2/3 cheaper than most parts of Europe, Japan or the USA. A recent international poll showed Cyprus towns to have one of the lowest costs of living within a developed nation.

Banking System

The banking system in Cyprus closely follows the British pattern and is well developed and organized whilst being equipped with the latest technology in modern surroundings. Non-Cypriots citizens have the privilege to open foreign currency and local deposit accounts very easily.
Many Cypriot Banks have branches throughout the world. International Banks also have branches throughout the island for the convenience of their customers, with major credit cards like Visa, Diners, American Express being widely used.

Transport and Telecommunications

Excellent communications have greatly contributed to the progress and development of the island. The two international airports in Larnaca and Pafos, as well as the sea ports at Limassol and Larnaca, connect Cyprus with the rest of the world. More than 40 airlines operate over 260 flights weekly to and from Cyprus. More than 60 charter airlines fly to Cyprus, and both airports are among the most frequented in the Eastern Mediterranean. Regarding inland communication, the short distances between cities are becoming even shorter due to the constantly improving highways and roads. There is as public transport service with regular intercity connections daily, with scheduled service taxis and comfortable coach services. Private taxis and rental cars are also readily available for hire. Cyprus ranks third in the world in having modern telecommunication facilities. CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority) has the network, which enables participants to have direct dial access to over 200 countries.

Medical Services

Cyprus has a very high standard of medical services. Hospitals, private clinics and medical centers are equipped with the latest facilities. The latest technology and operating techniques are standard, with heart bypass surgery and kidney transplants being routine in many of the hospitals. Many Cypriot doctors, with their different specializes, run polyclinics, whose standards of professionalism and care, are easily comparable with other medically advanced countries of the developed world. High Standards can also be judged by statistics, which show that one in every 600 Cypriots is a qualified member of the medical profession. Doctors and dentists, specialists and general practitioners, are available everywhere and their fees are reasonable compared to European standards. Low cost local and international private medical insurance is available for non-Cypriots people living in Cyprus .



The local population is Greek speaking. Cyprus was a British colony resulting in over 80% of the population speaking English. It is also useful to note that all streets signs e.t.c. are written in English. Knowledge of German, French, Russian and other European languages is also increasing with the island fs increasing tourism and popularity.


In Cyprus there are kindergarten schools, Junior and Secondary Schools catering for Cypriot and foreign students, but if you want our child to attend a Government School then a comprehensible knowledge of the Cypriot language is essential. The International School in Paphos is a very well established School with excellent results of achievement.

Household pets

If you wish to bring your pet dog or a cat from a European country, then they must have had all the necessary vaccinations. Cats and dogs are permitted to be brought into Cyprus provided a license has been obtained in advance from the Department of Veterinary Services, Nicosia . A period of 6 months house quarantine may be imposed. This system may change as the system of pet tagging with a computer microchip placed in the animal's ear by a Veterinary Surgeon has started to take over. This system is enforced by the EEC as this form of animal identification is known as a "pet Passport," allowing animal owners to travel freely around Europe with their pets.

Weights and Measures

In Cyprus the weight and measures system used is metric ( Kilos, Litres, Kilometers and Meters). Shopping in Cyprus is less hectic than in most European countries and it is a casual and relaxed experience offering you time to browse around at your own leisure membership of the EEC (full membership negotiations taking place).

System of Government

Cyprus is an independent and sovereign republic with the elected president (5 year election cycle) as head of state. The legislation power lies with the elected House of Representatives and appointed council of ministers. The legal system is based on the British/European system with independent power exercised by the judiciary. Cyprus is a member of the U.N. the British Commonwealth, the non-aligned movement, world bank and I.M.F. and since of Mai 2004 also of the EU.


Cyprus enjoys a remarkably low crime rate, 1/6 of the European average, another reason for being popular among foreign buyers for whom security has become a key element in the property world. Visitors are invariably surprised and reassured by this relaxed aspect of the life on the island, for crime is virtually unheard of, and theft is not commonplace.


Sometimes every couple of years earthquakes happen in Cyprus. People usually don't even notice them. All the buildings in Cyprus are earthquake resistant, and planning permission is given only if the building is designed in such a way. Insurance companies will secure your property against earthquakes with very low yearly charge.

Top 20 reasons that make Cyprus unique

• Now as a full member of the EU, the same laws apply as in other EU countries!

• The sun for approximately 340 days of the year

• There is virtually no crime, no vandalism, no pollution and no traffic congestion.

• Everyone drives on the left

• You are allowed to own a duty free car

• The electrics are similar to UK

• Ninety percent of Cypriots speak English

• The cost of living is much lower than most EU countries

• Clothes are manufactured in Cyprus for C&A, Richards Shops, BHS, Van Heusen Shirts, Lee Cooper, Lords and Clarks. Furniture is also made in Cyprus and is exported to the UK and Harrods. You can buy it cheaper than UK prices!

• You can claim you pension and have it sent to Cyprus . It is taxed at 5% giving you immediate 17% increase in income!
• The law is based on British Law!

• The telecommunication systems are all very advanced. Cyprus Telecommunications Authority is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world!

• Cyprus has advanced medical care. Almost everybody is insured at cheaper and better rates and service, than UK .

• You can get married in Cyprus after three days residence!

• Cyprus is the island of "Venus" the Goddess of Beauty and Love!

• The land registry office is one of the most advance in the world!

• Cyprus is full of culture!

• Cyprus enjoys lovely sea and mountain areas!

• Cyprus contains some of the best antiquities of the world!

• Cyprus is one of the three countries all over the world where you can snow ski and swim in the same day!

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